The New Body Mind Certification Program

ATTEnTIOn hands-On & heart-Centered Massage Therapists, Bodyworkers and Wellness Practitioners

Are you ready to incorporate a new modality into your practice that will help your clients to get better results from your services… and allow you to make more money without increasing your physical work load?

The new BodyMind Coaching Certification Program delivers the innovative tools and fresh approaches you need to change the way you work with clients on and off the table. That means you can work smarter, not harder.

Becoming a Certified BodyMind Coach means you can break free from being an ‘average’ practitioner, increase your value and serve your clients in more meaningful ways. As you help your clients listen to their bodies and make healthy, empowered choices, they can stress less and live a more meaningful life.

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Does this sound all too fAmiliar…

  • You love helping your clients heal… but you know that they need more support between appointments to really get results, and you’re not sure how to do that (let alone charge for it)?
  • Your clients are constantly telling you about their stress and you know it is impacting their health… but you’re not sure how to help them break the patterns that are keeping them stuck?
  • You would love to incorporate coaching into your business… but you’re not sure how to incorporate it with your hands-on practice?
  • You think your income has hit a plateau…and is limited by the number of hours you can work?
  • You go above and beyond for your clients… but you’re not charging nearly enough for the value that you offer?
  • You are exhausted with trying to work more and more…or not able to fit anyone else into your schedule, even when they need you?
  • You don’t know how to respond when clients reach out to you for advice…or how to make money when you do help them?
  • You’re more than just an “average” practitioner… but you’re scared to raise your rates and charge what you’re truly worth?

Overworked. Overbooked. Exhausted. Feeling guilty. On the brink of burn-out. Want to offer more help to more people but physically can’t. Stuck in a cycle that doesn’t support the most valuable asset in your business… YOU!


Don’t keep Working like this!

I’ve got a ground-breaking solution that will make you (and your clients) feel better from the inside-out. And become an added income source for you, as well.

photo_lauraMy name is Laura Wieck, A Business Coach for Holistic Entrepreneurs, and I want to offer you the ultimate coaching certification program designed specifically for bodyworkers that will allow you to elevate your business to a new level, help you better serve clients, and supply you with the newest, most innovative tools to take action and make more money.

I am a Massage Therapist myself and have talked to scores of heart-centered, holistic practitioners. Practically all admit that, while they love what they do, they aren’t the best business people around. Sure, they can be booked to the max…but are not be set up to handle (and make money from) answering client questions and educating them about dealing with body stresses.

The thing is, when you learn how to effectively communicate with your clients and structure your business to support you, you both win. Your clients will get amazing results, and you build a business that gives you the time, energy and income to live your life.

Does this sound like the answer you’ve been looking for? If so, I would love to invite you to join my exclusive, all-new BodyMind Coaching Certification Program.

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It’s the New Era of Bodyworkers…

I know you got into this business to help people heal. You truly are hands-on and heart-centered. But, the way the current system is designed, you’re stuck trading your time for money. This does not serve your OR your clients.

BodyMind Coaching is the new era of bodyworkers.

BodyMind Coaching combines your hands-on skills with an effective conversation strategy, so you can help your clients outline their health and wellness goals and take inspired and empowered action towards achieving them.

By becoming a BodyMind Coach, you will learn how to finally break free from the “time for money” paradigm that keeps so many practitioners stuck while still serving your clients in more meaningful ways.


This small group coaching program is specifically designed for high-level, heart-centered, passionate, driven and thoughtfully selected Massage Therapists and other holistic bodyworkers. It’s for you if you’re done playing small and ready to elevate your business, break through your own limiting beliefs, increase your income, serve your clients in more meaningful and fulfilling ways, and get clients to invest in themselves. In this unique coaching certification program is really THREE programs in one:

  • It’s a coaching program! To help you break through your own limiting beliefs.
  • It’s a coaching certification program! So you can help your clients break through their limiting beliefs and make healthy and empowered decisions for themselves.
  • It’s a business mastery program! To actually take these skills and make money. You learn how to create a passive income stream for your business. A totally NEW idea for bodyworkers!

That means you can actually go on vacation without overbooking your schedule before and after. You will also be seen as an “expert” in your field, the one your clients will refer to all their friends. At last…you will have a sense of freedom and the ability to breathe easy, because your business is actually working FOR YOU.


This exclusive CeRtification Program goes way beyond just coaching.

Most coaching programs teach you how to coach… that’s it.

This certification program is so much more.

It provides you with educational material and a certificate of completion. A certification is not designed simply to be educational but also to test and verify your competence in this area. Your coaching certification is a more significant credential than a certificate of completion from a course.

It will teach you how to incorporate client coaching into your hands-on (massage, acupuncture, bodyworker, etc.) practice. And make added money for doing that.

Plus, I’m also going to include business training, so you know how to sell your services, add coaching to the mix, create programs that help get your clients better results, and help you automate your processes so you can increase your income and decrease your physical work load. It’s the whole package…and then some!


I’m waiting to share my business- building strategies and tools with you… and give you honest, caring support.

For me, money has always been a product of helping people. I share this so you know I’ve learned a thing or two about what it takes to succeed on so many levels as a Massage Therapist or bodyworker. Here’s just a SAMPLING of what you get with this powerful certification and coachingprogram:

  • “Mindset & Success Coaching with Laura” — To help you break through your limiting beliefs and unhealthy patterns that minimize your own your worth…and create a personal plan to fast track yourself and your business to success.
  • Business Mastery Training — To help you break free of the old-fashioned “time for money” paradigm that keeps you stuck…and help you structure your business to help you make more money while working less.
  • Live 4-Day Coach Training Workshop — Where you will learn the BodyMind Coaching. You’ll gain the tools and resources to finally leverage your time, increase your income, and serve your clients even more (and better). You will you will learn a coaching strategy specifically designed for bodyworkers, that will enhance your clients results and reduce their body’s stress, without increasing your physical work load.
  • Private Facebook Community — Having a support system in place is an essential part of your long-term success. By enrolling in this program, you’ll have access to the private Facebook community.
  • Lifetime Access to the Online Portal — This program was created with the busy, heart-centered bodyworker in mind. Enjoy 24/7, lifetime access to all the program materials online in a format you can download and keep forever.
  • BodyMind Coaching Certification — This separates you from the competition, reinforces your credentials, and sets you above other “uncertified” bodyworkers. (You have 1 year to complete.)
  • An easy-to-employ coaching protocol — to use with your clients…so you can start coaching immediately (and make money doing it!).

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This life-changing coaching pRogram is for you if:

  • You feel like you’ve hit your income limit and you’re not sure how to break through to the next level.
  • You are constantly giving and giving to your clients, friends and family and you have no energy left for yourself.
  • Even though your schedule is booked weeks or even months in advanced, you squeeze people in because you feel guilty saying “no.”
  • The overwork and overwhelm has put you on the brink of burnout, and you’re ready to work smarter not harder… but you don’t know where to start.
  • Your clients reach out to you for advice… and you never follow through.
  • You spend extra time answering questions and talking with their clients… but don’t charge for that time.
  • You know that if your clients would only listen and actually do what you tell them, they would feel so much better, but you don’t know how to motivate them.
  • You are scared to raise your rates and truly charge what you’re worth.
  • You got into this business to help others heal… and you are the one that is often stressed, tired, and overworked.

Sound like you? I’ve got great news. When you become a part of The BodyMind Coaching Certification Program all of those problems and concerns melt away!


Are you ready to make your dream business a reality?

Are you a holistic, heart-centered bodyworker who is ready to OWN your worth, build a business that supports you so you can serve your clients even more without feeling tired, sore or exhausted in the process?

Are you ready to leverage your time and energy and create programs that allow you to serve your clients even more while increasing your income and decreasing your physical work load?

Are you ready to break from free the fear, patterns, and routines that are keeping you stuck because you know that you deserve more than the results that you are currently getting?

Are you ready to invest in yourself so that you can serve in greater and greater ways (ways that you can’t even begin to imagine today!)?


If your heart is saying “Yes!”…

…then I want to invite you to apply for The BodyMind Coaching Certification Program!

Right now, I know that you have a lot of questions including: when does the program start, what is the schedule, and what is the investment?

But, please don’t worry.

Once you complete your application, you and I will schedule a time to talk, and I will personally answer all of your questions.

If we are a good fit to work together, then I will invite you to join this one-of-a-kind program.

When you consider all the help that you get, this certification program really is a real value that delivers a substantial return on investment. We will discuss this along with any other questions that you may have on your one-on-one enrollment call.

What are you waiting for?

Space is limited. Only serious applicants who are ready to make an investment in themselves and their businesses should apply. To make sure you are serious about taking this next BIG step in your business, I want to let you know about the simple qualifications for joining this program. Please read these qualifications, and apply today:

  • You must be willing to face your self-doubts with courage.
  • You must be willing to stretch yourself further than you have in the past and keep going when you want to stop.
  • You must be dedicated to sharing yourself truthfully and authentically.
  • You must be coachable and open to feedback. (this is a BIG one)
  • You must be willing to see things from a new perspective.
  • You must be ready to show up for yourself in ways you have never done before.
  • You must have a sincere desire to share ALL of who you are with truth and integrity.
  • You must be willing to try new things and have an open mind.
  • You must have a true intention to be of service and uplift others.
  • You are willing to make a major financial investment in yourself. This is my highest level training. (We will discuss the investment a little later on your application interview, where I will also answer any of your questions.)

If you agree with all of these, please apply now. There is absolutely no cost or obligation to apply. I look forward to talking with you soon!

To Your Success,


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